Suppliers Area


Whatever product comes out of one of our factories carries within itself the promise that our customers' needs will be met through the highest quality standards, from design to delivery. The Purchase Department’s primary responsibility is to ensure that any item or service supplied meet these requirements.
To compete in the global market a great customer service, innovation, cost containment and waste disposal are all required: suppliers are an integral part of this project and can lead to outstanding contributions in all these phases.

The Camozzi Group intends to continue pursuing its goals sharing them with increasingly more competent suppliers, through their involvement already from the design stage and through lasting relationships so as to develop and enhance opportunities that can lead to mutual benefits: growth and development of the suppliers for a systematic optimization of technologies, quality and costs.

Many providers have already been able to assess the benefits of working closely with the team that manages the purchases of the Group: prepared and highly motivated people who work with highly efficient suppliers to ensure a future of success.

If you think you can work with the Camozzi Group providing added value in terms of quality and innovation, please fill out the application form with your details to be included in the Camozzi database.

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