• Camozzi Competence Centre
  • Innse Berardi School
  • Continuing education programs

Camozzi has always maintained the firm belief that knowledge is the basis of development.  For this reason  investing in the development of our employees remains a priority in Camozzi.

Through the implementation of specialized training facilities such as the Camozzi Competence Centre and Innse Berardi School and the collaboration with Universities and certified educational institutions, Camozzi is able to offer beneficial training programs for employees as well as Camozzi affiliated personnel
Through the Camozzi Competence Centre, Camozzi SpA offers a structured development training program through training and refresher courses, dedicated teaching units, books and tools for continuous and effective learning.

Each course divides theoretical content with practical activities using specially prepared teaching units.

The Innse Berardi-School aims to improve the skills of each new employee and consequently to enhance the professional growth and productivity of these new employees.

Another important goal is the sharing of knowledge, which is exchanged between senior and junior employees through these development plans, creating a corporate  "shared" knowledge.

To achieve these important goals, the training process involves an initial phase of “training the trainers” , these are highly skilled internal staff with extensive experience and technical knowledge who have the opportunity to , to share their knowledge, passion for their work and a guideline of the corporate values to the new employees.

The training encompasses both theory and on the job training in the department.

In all the companies of the Group continuous technical and behavioural education programs are implemented involving all employees working in different functions.