September 19 2017

The Interdepartmental Laboratory of Ateneo Brixia Accessibility will coordinate the project

September 12 2017

The new position has been included in the articles of association

June 16 2017

A partnership to concretely express the concept of Industry 4.0

March 08 2017

New organization chart of the Camozzi Group's Division

December 23 2016

 in memory of Mr Attilio Camozzi

November 29 2016

Loris Maestrutti is the new COO of Innse-Berardi S.p.A. and of 4 CSP companies.

October 10 2016

New platform presented in occasion of the BI-MU Exhibition of Milan

October 10 2016

Machine tool of the future

April 18 2016

the future 4.0 of the Camozzi Group

April 18 2016

 Camozzi, Microsoft and the Internet of Things.