European Meeting of Camozzi Branch Agents

June 02 2011

On the 12th and 13th of October - the first meeting of the Camozzi branch agents of Europe.

The event - organized by Camozzi Benelux in cooperation with the head office in Italy – was attended by all seven European branch agents, as well as by representatives from Camozzi Italy including Marco Camozzi, the recently nominated Managing Director of Camozzi Spa.
During the two days of meetings, the results of the current year were illustrated, comparing these with the pre-crisis market situation, within the scope of understanding the recovery trends towards conditions of normalcy. From this analysis, some rather comforting data emerged that foresees the return  to pre-crisis volumes in a shorter period of time than originally predicted.
The focus was then shifted to the Product Road Map. Discussions involved both the near-term product  releases coming in 2011 and the medium-long range planning that will be implemented. The targets regarding the enlargement of the range will continue to be with ever more innovative components. The decision taken on this matter clearly shows a strong commitment on behalf of Camozzi through investing considerable financial and human resources, both by means of internal developments and acquisitions on the market.
The second day of the meeting started with the presentation by each branch agent of their local situation. Information regarding respective goals achieved was illustrated, as well as the local economic and  competitive situations. Special attention was dedicated to  the “succes cases”, obtained in the last several years by each organization and the possible synergies that could be developed within the Camozzi organization in the immediate future, (also thanks to important new Sales and Marketing tools, like CRM and Territory Mapping).
A final open discussion allowed all participants to freely express their opinions and suggestions in order to improve the operational efficiency of both the main head quarters and the entire international Camozzi network, with the intentional benefit of increasing market share. Suggestions, as well as criticisms  were analysed and shared in view of improvements and  increased cohesion within the world of Camozzi.
In the wake of the success of the meeting, the next one is already planned for March of 2011 and will be held at the Polpenazze premises. We would like to thank all participants for the constructive contributions presented at the meeting and we would particularly like to thank the team of Camozzi Benelux that organized this event excellently.

Matteo Barcellandi
Area Manager, Camozzi SpA