Hannover 2011

June 24 2011

Small, high innovations on the Camozzi agenda

Camozzi’s mission has always been to offer new levels of performance in terms of pneumatic solutions for the industrial automation and constant innovation is a necessary condition to better respond to customers’ most demanding requests. This special commitment was deeply recognized on the occasion of Hannover Messe 2011 and for sure has helped in making the event one of the most successful ones of the last years.

Camozzi exhibited their latest products with a high impact stand which received a great deal of attention from visitors and the fair organization. The main focus of the investments made for the development of new products  was miniaturization, integration of mechatronic solutions and special components dedicated to specific sectors and applications like Life Science.

It was not just the stand design that stood out but also the many innovative products displayed and in particular the new Series K8, a micro solenoid valves 3/2- way and 2/2-way (NC or NO) with an outer diameter of 8 mm. The valve is ideal for applications that require very small space, low weight, energy consumption, high flow and life, therefore suitable for use in industrial applications and portable equipment, for Life Science and other Fluid control equipment. Series K8 completes the range of directly operated solenoid valves Series K, KN, W, P, PN that make Camozzi one of the few worldwide producers of a full range of solenoid  valves of size from 8 to 15 mm.

One of the flagship products which Camozzi will focus on in the future is the new Series F. This new range of valves has been designed to guarantee reliability and minimise costs. Series F offers a technically advanced solution combining quality, flexibility and high performance along with simplified installation and maintenance procedures. The valves are made from thermoplastic materials which reduce their weight with version 1 being just 14mm wide. Series K8 electropilots are used with Series F valves enabling flow rates of up to 500Nl/min to be achieved. The valves have a multipole electrical connection with 24 individual coil connectors available to give a maximum of 24 single solenoids or 12 double solenoids. Various tube connections are possible by the addition of interchangeable cartridges for maximum flexibility.  Besides the valves, also the proportional technology has been shown in connection with applications confirming the advantages of Series LR as to dynamics, precision and reduced response time.

Beside these, the electronic proportional micro regulator Series K8P was shown in preview. This new Series,  born from the experience in the miniaturized valves Series K8 development, guarantees an excellent pressure regulation and high dynamism as well as a self-regulation of performance with a low energy consumption, all in 15 mm in width and 40 mm in height.
Other new products exhibited expand the range of Movement and Treatment families like the new Series 60 and 61 low friction cylinders and the new FRL Units Series MX, available in two sizes with ports of 3/8”, ½”, ¾” for size MX2 and ¾”, 1” for size MX3. This new series goes beyond the best expectations as in the first 6 months of 2011 the number of components sold is already higher as respect to the one forecast for the whole year. As far as the fittings are concerned, for sure the master in this field is Series 9000 C-truck that continue to grow and has conquered important markets like Ukraine and Russia in the automotive field.

Hannover Messe has been also the opportunity to officially launch the new “C-Fluid Control” division. Even if it is a “young” division recently set-up, it has already collected successful results both from new customers or for new projects showing that the market has trust in the technical competence of Camozzi.
Further, in order to enhance the ability of Camozzi to find customized solutions for use in different sectors, a dedicated area showing special products has also been set up.

If besides all these products, we also consider  the electronics and handling projects under preparation, the changes being made to achieve and to offer even more efficient services to the customer, we can state that Camozzi is really growing a lot thanks also to the excellent soundness of the company situation enhanced throughout the years: more than an omen, this is  a well-defined pad.


The world's foremost technology event, HANNOVER MESSE 2011, ended with the best outcome in 10 years. "This year's event in Hannover has given industry a real boost, powering it up to drive the economic recovery," commented Deutsche Messe Managing Board Chairman Dr. Wolfram von Fritsch. "This HANNOVER MESSE has generated even more momentum for industry as the force behind the economic upswing”.
HANNOVER MESSE 2011 attracted a total of well over 230,000 visitors. This represents growth of 10 to 15 percent over the comparable 2009 event. Some 60,000 of these visitors were from abroad, which is over a third more than in 2009.
Energy and automation topics were at the very heart of visitor interest. "Major emphasis was placed on the energy mix for the future, as well as on energy efficiency. Experts estimate the total savings potential at around 30 percent," von Fritsch noted, adding that each of the sectors covered by HANNOVER MESSE had profited greatly from concerted efforts to bring the energy topic to the forefront of interest over the past several years.


Eng. Domenico di Monte
Operational marketing Manager