The Italian Affiliated Distributors Conference

June 22 2011

Febuary 23-24 th 2011, at the Villa Fenaroli Palace Hotel, Brescia

As with last year, the meeting for Camozzi’s Italian affiliated distributors proved to be a great success! The organisation excelled in its choice of location – the beautiful Villa Fenaroli Hotel Palace in Brescia, which provided the perfect setting to host this important event. The event, which was also held last year, confirmed once again the continuing will to invest in the innovation of products and processes whilst simultaneously demonstrating the further strengthening of the distribution network as essential to becoming as competitive as possible on all fronts. The conference schedule spanned these two days, serving to review the achievements of 2010 and to discuss the goals for 2011 and beyond. The managing director Marco Camozzi led the conference with the confirmation of the return in year 2010 to the levels of 2008, for both the international and domestic markets. He then conducted a presentation of the investments slated for the near future, with particular attention to new sectors such as Life Science, and in general to Fluid Control. Also discussed were the development of new products such as the valve islands Series F and the micro valve Series K8, and for which a new production line will be added to the factory in Polpenazze. He also discussed further reinforcements by addition of new technical and commercial staff, providing support to Camozzi’s growing international network. Following Marco Camozzi was Fausto Villa, the sales Manager of Italian markets, with his detailed presentation on the results concerning the Italian market, which is a difficult market due to the presence of numerous competitors, but at the same time is rich in opportunities related to export in international manufactures where there is the possibility to benefit from the high profile that Camozzi enjoys. The meeting also provided an opportunity to formalize the membership of the Camozzi affiliated distributor network, through presentation of a diploma and an award, the result of a mutual commitment signed during the year after being presented the contract during the first meeting in 2010. The aim of this partnership contract is to strengthen the relationship between the Parent company and the affiliated distributors and their respective territories. Subsequently we heard from different speakers representing various sectors who outlined the constant changes characteristic of this evolving company; from the introduction of tools for data management such as CRM SAP to the organization of new production islands/cells dedicated to the realization of new products characterized by quality controls that use the most advanced technologies. Much of the schedule was dedicated towards the integration of logistics in the form of Supply Chain Management (SCM) which is an ongoing project allowing the optimization of stock and lead times, substantially increasing the level of service offered to the distribution network and consequently to the clients.

 The focus on the Fluid Control sector and the sharing of experience and applications by the Camozzi sales network worldwide, provided the backdrop to utilize the meeting as a pathway for the creation of new ideas, as well as the motivation to face the competition in particularly complex sectors such as automotive and medical.

Locating the event in Brescia permitted the addition of a half day tour of the Polpenazze factory, where the participants were able to experience first hand many of the topics presented to them during the speeches, from the automatic handling of the stock to the laboratory conducting product testing, which in 2010 had executed 271 different tests, as well as touring the production planning office where production scheduling and demand planning take place, including real time monitoring of all aspects, from transfer machines with a capacity greater than 800pz/hr to assembly stations and final testing of each single component.

The closure of the meeting was dedicated to the presentation of a technological and product roadmap, with an update of the progress of ongoing projects, as well as those to be launched in the near future. In conclusion, a precise and direct message was relayed: Camozzi is about to confront new challenges in industrial automation, and will over the next 5 years realize new solutions which combine pneumatics, mechatronics and electronics; by using on the one hand the consolidated experience of standard technologies and on the other hand, the initiative and willingness to explore new frontiers, from proportional technology to electromechanical actuation and as far a field as solenoid valves with separation diaphragm for fluid control.

Eng. Domenico di Monte
Operational marketing Manager