The New Series ARP and the new cylinders 60/61 low friction enlarge

February 01 2011

Series ARP, Rotary cylinders for the process industry Series 60/61

Series ARP - For the process industry…

Camozzi expands its program of actuators, presenting the rotary actuators Series ARP, aiming for applications within the process industry. The rotary actuators Series ARP has been designed to meet the high demands by this industry, where they predominantly are used for controlling the opening and closing of process valves whereas ball valves, plug valves and butterfly valves are the most common types. To cover a wide range of applications , Camozzi offers this program in thirteen different sizes, covering a torque range from 9 Nm up to 4800 Nm.  All actuators are equipped with adjusting screws located on the end caps making it possible to mechanically adjust the opening (or closing) angle by ±5°. All rotary actuators Series ARP are ATEX certified and the port configuration for the pneumatic control valves is according to Namur VDI/VDE 3845, while the interface towards the operating process valve is according to ISO 5211.

Corrosion resistant as an option

The standard materials are: Actuator body in anodized AL, end covers in epoxy coated AL and pinion in zink plated steel. As an option, these actuators are offered with a C.N.I. surface treatment (Chemical Nickel Impregnation, a process which is specifically developed for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical process industries) as a cost effective alternative to an actuator made in stainless steel. 

A natural step…

With the aim to further extend its product portfolio, aiming towards other business sectors, Camozzi decided some while ago to enter in the field of Fluid Control, investing in human resources and R&D in this field. The result of these efforts are being seen in a growing range of Solenoid valves for various types of fluids, some of them perfectly suitable for the process industry, besides life science and other new interesting fields.
Seen from that perspective it is logical that Camozzi presents a program of rotary actuators such as Series ARP for the process industry and this program will be further reinforced in the future by the addition of a range of ball- and butterfly valves to go with the actuators.

Series 60/61 Low friction – High performance
40% less friction force compared to the standard cylinder…

Camozzi further extends it program of ISO Cylinders Series 60/61 introducing the Low Friction version from diameter 32 to 125 mm. These low friction cylinders meet the market requirements regarding sensibility in force and movement, necessary within a number of applications in different sectors, due to its very low friction properties.
The friction force of this version is reduced by at least 40% compared to the standard models due to its particular piston design.
One important feature to look for when talking about low friction cylinders apart from having a low friction force, is to have very little variation of the same at different input pressure values. In this perspective the Series 60/61 in fact presents a variation of only 15% (average value between all diameters) in the range of 2-6 bar input pressure, which puts the Series 60/61 in the top segment of low friction cylinder solutions offered in the market place.  

Low friction cylinders are generally used in applications where it is necessary to reduce the disturbance generated by friction, such as stick slip and breakaway force. Typical applications are various types dancers (web tensioning control  in general ), material handling systems (balancers)  and various types of force controls.
The Low friction cylinders are normally used in conjunction with Precision Pressure Regulators (currently under development) or Proportional Regulators type Series ER for most precise control. 
With the addition of Series 60/61 in Low Friction version, Camozzi is able to offer a complete system of cylinders and regulators/valves for an extended number of applications which require a very high sensitivity regarding force and movement.

Janos Hungar
Product Manager