A unique know-how: Camozzi Group, the real Solution Provider

November 01 2012

One of the strengths that have enabled the Camozzi Group to develop continuously...

One of the strengths that have enabled the Camozzi Group to develop continuously has always been the synergy between the various companies of the Group.

The ability to use the same tools and methods both in larger and more structured situations such as Camozzi SpA, Innse Berardi, Ingersoll or Marzoli, and in smaller companies, such as those of the Manufacturing Division, has allowed these to present themselves to the leading customers on the market. These customers require the highest expertise and the possibility of interfacing with fully equipped facilities able to support and implement the most demanding requirements in terms of design, production, logistics and general management. The transition from a phase in which synergies were essentially based on financial, administrative and organizational issues, mainly to exploit economies of scale in various activities / processes, to one that includes aligning customer approach and service management methodologies and especially inter-company integrated knowledge management, led the Camozzi Group to be able to present itself as a “Solution Provider”.

The key aspect that makes this “transition” possible is essentially the ability to manage the core know-how of each company and of each individual employee in a structured way, so that it all becomes an asset of the Group. The Camozzi Group is a reality that relies on deep knowledge of all the main stages of the production logistics chain: from raw material knowledge, a heritage which finds its highest expression in the companies of Manufacturing Division, constantly engaged in the study and selection of raw materials, to mechanical/electronic component knowledge with Camozzi Automation, to the knowledge of applications and the industries which need equipment such as those made by the Machine Tools division or specifically the textile division of Textile Machines.

The completion of this “chain of knowledge” is the last and perhaps most important element that follows research and development in all divisions: the study of new technologies, assigned to the Camozzi Research Centre (CRC), is the search of new methods to achieve a higher performance in all known applications We are convinced that one of the most critical success factors in which to invest in order to achieve significant competitive advantages is Knowledge Management. The only way to handle the current market complexity and growing competition from emerging countries is through a constant increase in production efficiency and, at the same time, a substantial growth of internal expertise which becomes a real business asset only when it’s structured, widespread and deeply rooted in the company.

This growth allows us to offer value added services such as co-design, which currently characterizes all Group companies, process and activity management through SAP platform, now used in all of Camozzi’s companies and functions, up to production units organization according to Lean Production concepts, which includes qualitative aspects, and a management “approach” in all activities. A company of the Camozzi Group will share well-defined goals that cover all business aspects, from product, processes and services quality to the implementation of methods and tools to support the market’s demand. Just consider the ongoing transformation in the most recently acquired businesses, such as Fonderie Mora Gavardo, a company that in less than a year has already profoundly changed and presented customers with a new credibility, mainly based on internal expertise and affiliation to the Group which is investing on all fronts to bring it back to the level it deserves.

Eng. Domenico di Monte
Operative Marketing Manager