Sport for disabled people


Even in 2013 Camozzi renews its commitment in promoting Tennis Wheelchair. With the Camozzi Italian Open, which is part of the NEC Wheelchair Tennis Tour 2013, the collaboration with Active Sport comes out of national borders and is ready to welcome athletes from all over the world.



Wheelchair tennis, to our company represents a particular commitment with a real personal involvement. The high contents of technical sport in international tournaments as this Doubles Masters, becomes an occasion to appreciate qualities and values of the single teams coming from all over the world. Camozzi is proud to be able to promote this sport. 



The Active Sport Association encourages the participation of disabled people in a wide variety of sports so that the many benefits of an active lifestyle can be fully enjoyed. The importance of sport for all people is clearly recognized as it can play an important role in psychophysical recovery as well as helping to further develop the participants' self-esteem, flexibility and strength. 



ICARO is a voluntary association involving and representing disabled people. ICARO has been established by some disabled athletes that were used to practicing different sports at competition level: wheelchair tennis, handbike, wheelchair basket, swimming, canoe, archery, ski and golf. Camozzi is glad to sponsor the basket section of such association. 



He'is a first-class athlete competing at national level in bicycle racing for the disabled; he has been running for Bike Team Mandello for years. He took part to no less than 11 Italian championships and won different international prestigious competitions. The latest important performance is the gold medal besides the two bronze medals won at the Beijing paraolympic games last September 2008.




FOR H s.r.l. (For Handicap) is a company dealing with the organization, promotion and sponsoring of sports, cultural or social events either for itself or for third people and especially - though not only - for disadvantaged persons. This company also takes care of training courses for blind children "Gioco Atletica" and collaborates with the Sporting blind team G.S. Brixia in order to promote sports practice for the "differently-abled" persons. 




For the past 5 years, Alessandro Gaoso, founder of the Homerus Project, has been teaching young blind people to sail independently. Today, almost 62 blind pupils are able to sail by themselves and use their atheletic skill and courage to take part in competitions held all over the world. The enthusiasm and determination of these young people steered them to Paralympiad Games held in Sidney in 2000. Camozzi s.p.a. has a long-standing association with the Homerus Project and is pleased to continue to support this worthwhile initiative