Social Commitment3

Linking our name and our image to events that have a distinctive social, cultural and sporty setting constitutes an integral part of our strategy and our way of doing business.

Our sponsorship activities around the world are carefully developed in line with our brand values ​​and philosophy that has as its goal the establishment of a "Sustainable Development".

This means that supporting communities in the social contexts in which we operate and at the same time drawing attention to our brands is a key factor when it comes to deciding on our sponsorship activities.
We believe in the need to support events that represent a meeting opportunity and personal growth and we are currently involved on several fronts including:
- Sponsorship of international sporting events like the Camozzi Wheelchair Master or the Yachtsman of Homerus;
- Sponsorship of teams in international competitions such as the team Camozzi Audi Italy lead by world champion Gianni Morbidelli in the SuperStars league;
- Sponsorship of groups like Medicus Mundi, committed to health promotion in the poorest countries of the world.

The details of the activities supported by the Camozzi Group is available in the Socio-Cultural Initiatives and Sports Initiatives sections.