Initiatives - Cultural Events3

Camozzi is involved in sponsoring numerous sporting disciplines and hopes you will share in its enthusiasm and commitment in supporting these worthwhile initiatives. We are proud to associate our name and reputation with these projects, as we consider such sporting and cultural ventures provide the ideal opportunity for individual growth and meeting others.  

Medicus Mundi Internazionale
Medicus Mundi International was founded on 8th December 1962 following the initiative of a group of doctors engaged in voluntary activities, relating to health care development in the poorest countries in the world. Medicus Mundi's health projects are meant to contribute to people's global development, improving their general living conditions. Medicus Mundi International (MMI) is officially co-operating with World Health Organization (WHO) as well as with other local government and organizations. Medicus Mundi Italy was founded in 1968 in Brescia as the International Medicus Mundi branch. Its activity is officially recognized by the Foreign Affairs; its involvement in health program has contributed to bring a smile on thousands of people's faces, in respect of everyone's culture and dignity, struggling for inequalities and injustices afflicting our society. Medicus Mundi Campaign is made possible also thanks to the generous Camozzi group contribution as a confirmation of their great sensibility to beneficial initiatives.

Rivalutare Brescia

Walking around downtown Brescia and in particular near Piazzale Arnaldo, Piazza della Vittoria or near the railway station, you may have seen the impressive Camozzi advertisements clearly visible, promoting the project "Revalue Brescia"/ "Give a new value to Brescia". In fact Camozzi is proud to give its own contribution towards the restoration of three bronze busts of Massimo Bonardi, Tullio Bonizzardi, and Fausto Massimini located in the Porta Venezia's gardens.

To contribute to the protection of the precious historical citizens heritage is a duty, which could not be refused. The irreplaceable treasure placed in the town cultural goods is a historical memory for people: this has to be protected, conserved and retained to give this huge cultural heritage to the community. In the entrepreneurial sphere, Camozzi believes it is necessary not only to produce but also to remind and respect what has been handed down by past generations and it is for this reason that the management has decided to choose this kind of cultural sponsorship. Camozzi believes this new formula requires private companies' support which, thanks to their sponsorship is able to give a piece of history to all citizens and an excellent opportunity to promote their image in a very positive way.