Camozzi Group

Know, in order to improve

Mission & Vision

Five divisions with one common vision:

Become one of the first five top players in the world and point of reference of the Italian industry of production systems by developing, producing and providing assistance, anywhere in the world, with regard to components and systems destined to be used for the automation of production processes.

Excellent production processes are the result of continuous improvements

They are the result of the capability, in constant evolution, to combine the basic technologies that are common to all production processes, the particular solutions of each specific sector.

Camozzi has a huge asset, consisting of technicians working in the Group's manufacturing divisions. These ensure authoritative access to all basic technologies.
The broad customer portfolio and presence in 75 countries give full visibility to a large number of specific solutions.

The group's innovation process is based on a solid foundation of skills and knowledge

Today "manufacture" doesn't only mean mechatronics, but also connectivity and the ability to use advanced software that are doing for human intelligence what the steam engine has done for muscle strength.

The protagonists in this change that are not overrated when called "disruptive", are:

  • Internet Of Things
  • Advanced Analytics and Artficial Intelligence
  • Augmented / Virtual Reality
  • Advanced Robotics
  • 3D Printing

These technologies will change the interface between man and machine, will involve the physical transformation of factories and will lead us to interact with a different computational structure.

The transformation has begun and great opportunities open up for those ready and eager to anticipate and guide change. Camozzi intends to be among the protagonists of change.


Alliances in Research are a further demonstration of the fact that Camozzi intends to be among the protagonists of change. In fact, thoroughly knowing the processes is not enough, it is also essential to build a network of excellent cooperations and be internally organized to manage it in the best way.


The Joint Lab inaugurated in Genoa in 2017 with IIT in the field of new materials and advanced robotics is an important first piece of the mosaic that is taking shape. Equally important is the entry of Camozzi into the IcyPhy program of the Faculty of Computer Science in Berkeley, California.


Internally the inauguration in 2017 of the new Mechatronics Application and Research Center (MARC) in Brescia is the best answer to the changing world and testifies the different relationship that is under development between the company and its men.