Continuous and structured innovation is part of our DNA and of our culture. Our Innovation Model involves all business functions, starting from marketing to analyze and anticipate the customer’s needs. Innovating by combining skills and technologies, from product to process, from industrial to digital, is the goal that characterizes every activity of ours in any kind of business. The Camozzi Group has been structured to operate in this direction, creating the Camozzi Innovation System, in which the interfunctional operating modalities are defined, creating structures like the Mechatronic Application Research Center (MARC), dedicated to the research and technological development across all the operating divisions. This also thanks to the cooperation with universities and research centers in Italy and abroad. The tools to support systematic innovation To innovate systematically, the context in which one operates should allow to combine inventive capability and human capital’s skills with an organization that can enhance and optimize the resources available. Camozzi has implemented techniques and tools to manage procedures and activities in order to increase the efficiency and the effectiveness of the innovative process.