The initiatives that drive the advancement of innovative solutions are guided by research into new products and the development of processes and activities necessary to bring them to market. These combined concepts define the Camozzi Innovation System (CIS) through the digitization of production processes and the interconnection of components, which frequently integrate mechanical, electronic and digital features, and represents one of the main goals of the entire Camozzi Group.

Processes and procedures are managed through a single infrastructure utilizing the most advanced technologies and digital platforms. Due to the partnership with SAP for the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Microsoft for all cloud computing, information is processed in an integrated manner across the whole Group.

The Camozzi Group works with the most advanced design and simulation software like ANSYS, COMSOL, MODELICA, CATIA and CREO PTC.

The best software solutions on the market and the investments for continuous renewal of machine fleets are essential elements of the strategy of all Camozzi Group companies.

The Mechatronic Application Research Center (MARC) is the strategic company of the Camozzi Group that assists and promotes Research & Innovation activities of the different companies inside and outside the Group. MARC analyzes new technologies and new business opportunities applicable to the industrial sectors of the Camozzi Group, carrying out technological observatory activities and preliminary technical / economic evaluations of the highlighted opportunities. The monitoring of new technologies and of emerging industrial processes of possible interest for the Group is essential to maintain the technological gap with emerging countries.
The medium and long-term technological development plans are then translated into structured projects with a detailed scheduling.
MARC cooperates closely with the main National and International Universities and Research Centers, sharing the skills acquired within the Group.
Translating innovative ideas into products and services that are appreciated by the market: to preserve know-how and the competitive advantage against imitations and abuses, it is however necessary to legally protect our findings.