Camozzi Machine Tools
High Precision Machine Tools, Integrated systems designed to operate within various application sectors, specialized machines for milling/lathing and carbon fibre machines
Innse-Berardi Spa, Ingersoll Inc: Technological Synergy

The Camozzi Machine Tools Division (CMT)  is the division of the Camozzi Group involved in manufacturing  large-scale machine tools. The Machine Tools Division is comprised of two companies with a strong historical presence in the sector:

The Italian Company Innse-Berardi Spa and the American Company Ingersoll Inc.,

Equipped with the most advanced  technology available, and a strategy which focuses on innovation, not only for the products but also for the process and logistics, we strive to maximize the added value of the product, in terms of  both performance and customer benefit.

Benefitting from the know-how amassed from over a century of activity and the synergy between the two companies, the CMT division is represented on the main international markets in varying sectors such as aerospace, energy, transport and defence, employing a diverse range of products, from large size machine tools such as the horizontal milling-boring machines and vertical milling machines, to FMS integrated systems (Flexible Manufacturing System), and  machines for fibre placement.