Camozzi Manufacturing
Advanced technologies for the processing of raw materials and the machining of components
Camozzi Manufacturing - Transforming Raw Materials

Camozzi Manufacturing Division is the Camozzi Group's answer to the needs of an increasingly complex market where product quality and overall management of the supply chain are critical for success.

The accurate control of production processes through the implementation of organizational and business models such as "lean production" enable the production of a wide range of components for various applications.

The Camozzi Manufacturing Division assumes the role of a reference point for the group companies,  as well as operating successfully within different industrial sectors able to respond to any kind of request.  This is performed with the competence and knowledge acquired from years of experience combined with use of the most advanced technology.

The main objective of Camozzi Manufacturing Division is to enter the market as a single entity that can provide various products and subcontracting services to customers, thereby limiting the number of partners,  a kind of general contractor,  who, born of intercompany management needs, is in a position to offer additional services to all customers in need of complex supplies.

The Camozzi Manufacturing Division represents a new delivery channel which unites the  individual companies, while the companies continue operating alongside CM as independent sales entities.

The exchange of knowledge and expertise, and the joint development of solutions both technological and manufacturing render Camozzi Manufacturing Division almost unique in its kind.