Our History

Camozzi Spa has its origins in 1964 in Lumezzane, a small village in Northern Italy, when the three brothers Attilio, Luigi and Geromino Camozzi began manufacturing their own pneumatic components for industrial automation.

Over the years, the company has experienced a substantial growth by expanding its portfolio of automation solutions and investing both in internationalization and in a diversification of business areas thanks to the acquisition of leading companies in diverse sectors: machine tools, textile machinery, energy, raw material processing.

Able to imagine, capable of achieving.

Below are the main milestones that have characterized the history of the Camozzi Group from birth to present:

1964: the brothers Attilio, Luigi and Geromino Camozzi found Camozzi.

1980: The first Camozzi subsidiary is born in Germany and the Group acquires Campress

1986: The second Camozzi subsidiary is born in the United States

1989: The third Camozzi subsidiary is born in the Benelux

1990: The fourth Camozzi subsidiary is born in Sweden

1991: The fifth Camozzi subsidiary is born in Ukraine

1992: Further three Camozzi subsidiaries are born in France, Great Britain and China

1993: The Camozzi subsidiary in Russia is born

1994: The Camozzi subsidiary in Mexico is born and the company Plastibenaco is acquired

1995: the company Camcasting is acquired

1997: Other Camozzi subsidiaries  are born in Argentina and Belarus, the Group acquires Berardi.

1998: the Camozzi Group acquires Innse

1999: Innse and Berardi are merged to form the current Innse-Berardi Spa, two further subsidiaries are born, one in Brazil and the other in Venezuela

1999: The Group acquires Marzoli Spa (currently named Marzoli Machines Textile srl), this is how the division Camozzi Textile Machinery is structured within the Group.

2001: The Group acquires Newton Officine Meccaniche and Marzoli Foundry

2003: Additional three Camozzi subsidiaries are born; one in India, one in Denmark and one in Malaysia. The American company Ingersoll Inc is acquired.

2006: Other two Camozzi subsidiaries are born in Austria and Kazakhstan

2009: Camozzi consolidates its presence in Asia by opening the Vietnamese subsidiary. In the same year Innse Milano is acquired.

2010: the company Romano Abele is acquired, that after some years (in 2015) takes the name Camozzi Manufacturing.

2011: Fonderie Mora Gavardo joins the Group, more specifically the division Camozzi Manufacturing.

2013: The new Camozzi subsidiary in Estonia is established.

2014: A new Camozzi subsidiary is born in Norway

2015: Camozzi opens its twentythird subsidiary in the Czech Republic. Camozzi Digital is established.

2016: Fonderie Mora Gavardo merges with Camcasting and Camozzi Manufacturing

Since the founding of Camozzi Italy in 1964, the first branch set up was in Germany in 1980, since then over 21 sales and manufacturing offices have been established worldwide.
The Innse company was founded in 1887 and named Franchi after its founders. The Berardi company was founded in 1926. The acquisition of Innse in 1998 follows Berardi's acquisition by the Camozzi Group in 1997. Following a general restructuring of these companies the two merged in 1999 to form the current Innse Berardi SpA. In 2003 Camozzi acquired Ingersoll Inc, an American company established in 1887.
Marzoli Machines Textile (former Marzoli Spa) is one of the oldest Italian companies in the textile industry, founded in 1851. It was acquired by the Camozzi Group in 1999 along with Vouk, a company acquired by Marzoli Spa in 1998, thus becoming the only company capable of producing the entire line of machines for spinning cotton.
The Camozzi Manufacturing Division is made up of five companies with different specializations in the light and heavy industry: Campress Srl – hot brass pressing/forging, Camozzi Technopolymers Srl - plastic injection moulding, Fonderie Mora Gavardo Spa – cast iron and aluminium alloy casting, precision machining of mechanical parts, Newton Officine Meccaniche Srl – steel structural work for mechanics, Innse Milano Spa – heavy machining. This is a unique network of companies that are able to present themselves individually or as single partner: Camozzi Manufacturing, a real Solution Provider, that guarantees the highest quality levels avoiding any waste or inefficiency through the management of all production processes, from design to testing, up to the after-sale service. Thanks to the development of specific skills achieved after years of experience and to the use of advanced technologies, the Camozzi Manufacturing Division, besides being a reference point for the companies of the Group, operates successfully in different industrial sectors to comply with the requests of any kind of customer.
Camozzi Digital, a Camozzi Group company, was founded with the aim of supporting companies that want to grow and be successful leveraging digital innovation and the Internet of Things.