Camozzi Textile Machinery
Textile machinery for yarn production and turnkey yarn spinning solutions
Marzoli srl - Value Added Solutions

The Camozzi Textile Machinery Division supplies complete lines of spinning machines which produce the yarn from the raw material for subsequent use within the textile industry.

Today Marzoli Machines Textile srl (established in 1851), is the sole manufacturer of machinery able to offer a complete line in this sector. Thanks to the active and committed sales network, the company is present on the world’s main cotton producing markets.

In the year 2000 this division strengthened its position in China with the creation of a joint venture between Marzoli Machines Textile srl and DONGTAI Textile Machinery Co. Ltd., leader in China for the production of textile spinning machines. As a result the Marzoli (Dongtai) Textile Machinery Co. Ltd. was founded.

Other initiatives are underway in order to develop and renew the textile Industry in the Russian Federation, in the countries of the CIS and various countries in Africa, through the realization of Integrated Textile Systems and the development of technical and managing Training Centres supported by the universities of the countries involved in this initiative.